Another week in Laem Mae Phim, Thailand

February 17, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I am at the end of another world. Life is leisurely and casual. In fact, sometimes I worry that life is too casual. No worries, no stress, good food and cool weather. We aren’t walking along the beach as much as we have in past months, but we are walking the golf courses instead. Maybe that is why we have reduced our daily walking. I have been meaning to check out the fitness center, but somehow the days just float away.

We have purchased a couple of tennis rackets, at the instigation of our young neighbor. Our neighbor was here or fi
ve days a couple of weeks ago to get away from the Finnish winter. Although he is only 47 and retired (contemplating his next working phase in life), he hits a mean ball and moves like Rafael Nadal, he complimented us by saying that his parents would never be up to our level of tennis at our mutual ages. That is a compliment, isn’t it?


I do think he enjoyed the tennis with us and got a good work out. After our 2-hour early tennis “premier,” he conceded that he had had a good workout, as he took off his t-shirt and wrung out the drenched perspiration. We enjoyed the workout and are hoping to reduce a little belly fat from our expanding circumferences. When we met the second time, our friend conceded that he had gone for a Thai massage after our first tennis meeting and that he enjoyed a two-hour massage with three masseuses (not sure of the plural here). Hmmmn. Definitely an advantage to be a younger man here in Thailand. The second session on the tennis court was a bit more of a challenge to him (or so we led ourselves to believe).


Mads, Lasse, grillingWe have a new barbecue area near the pool, so we have enjoyed a couple of barbecues with friends. We are used to a gas barbecue back in Denmark, so starting up the coals here with petroleum jelly was a renewed experience. Fortunately, people attending the barbecue were good cooks and managed everything very well. Everyone here likes to eat and barbecuing is a fun event on these balmy evenings. It is usually cool with a bit of a breeze in the early mornings and evenings. Actually, it has been the coldest here in 30 years and, needless to say, we are enjoying this weather. We have been here around four weeks now and have had the A/C on only a couple of time. It was so “cold” here that no one was using the pool for about two weeks. It may sound strange, but when the temperatures reach a low of 20° C, we actually feel the cold!
Apart from that, to keep events lively around here, I have decided to seriously learn this Thai language. I have learned quite a few words on my own by studying in my little dictionary, writing down words, taking my notebook with me and practicing my Thai every chance I get. It is fun, the Thai people appear to appreciate my efforts and I get a bit of attention – which I enjoy, of course! So stay tuned for my next venture in learning Thai through TPRS.